About Generation Hope

Generation Hope – Equipping Young People for Life

We are young people age 11-25 who want to make a difference in our world. We make and maintain friendships with young people around the UK. We support each other and aim to create a positive, safe environment where people can be themselves. We host a variety of events, aiming to develop knowledge and life skills, and have fun.

We are the youth branch of Hope UK, a Christian charity, and are run by a Youth Council and a small Staff Team. Volunteers from Hope UK, based around the UK, help provide local opportunities.

The events and activities we run are open for anyone to attend (with just a couple of exceptions). Youth workers are welcome to bring/send their groups to our events, if they seem helpful or relevant.

GH is a fantastic platform for young people to really express themselves and just give their best to everything they do.

I’ve always been so inspired by just how much passion the youth have really to get involved, to give their best at every idea, to take interest and be involved in so many activities that we run.

I think also that comes from the youth being allowed to be in charge of lot of things and dictate what’s going on, it obviously makes the young people feel like ‘yeah this is our platform, this is our group’, not just obviously a bunch of adults running it.

And even for the adults that are involved I can see how inspired they are by the young people and how much they inspire the young people through their youthful decisions and inclusion of the young people.

It’s created so many strong leaders and that will obviously (as it already has done) encourage those young people who are coming in to be the future and succeed us when we obviously get too old. 

That is what Generation Hope means to me.

GH member