Things We Do


We host a wide range of workshops and events to help young people develop their skills and knowledge.


We have social events – usually in school holidays – for young people to attend.


Opportunities to get involved – you can start to plan, lead or get involved with delivering what we do in some way.


Well, we do have Christian roots! Some of our events help us to develop a relationship with God – it’s always clear what event will include this, as we want our events to be as open as possible


Blend In, Stand Out

If you like to be an individual, or wish you were better at being yourself, and are 11-14 years old, join us for three days of fun where, we explore these ideas.

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About Us

We are young people age 11-25 who want to make a difference in our world. We make and maintain friendships with young people around the UK. We support each other and aim to create a positive, safe environment where people can be themselves. We host a variety of events, aiming to develop knowledge and life skills, and have fun.

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